Thursday, June 30, 2011

Favorite things (Healthy Miracle Noodles)

Healthy Miracle Noodles

Have you heard about the buzzing health noodle everybody has been talking about? For those of you who have not, it is called, "Shirataki Noodles". Shirataki noodles is made out of plant. A very low in carbs and it is derived from konjac. Konjac tree mainly grows in the south of west China mountain range. The root of the konjac tree is full of fiber, which can be used to make konjac foods.

Konjac is a water-soluble dietary fiber from the root of the konjac plant. Konjac foods, also called Shirataki Noodles in Japan made from Konjac Glucomannan, are traditional Chinese foods with a history over two thousand years. Referred to as Moyu or Juruo in China, and Konnyaku or Shiritaki Noodles in Japan. Konjac foods are a popular health food in the Asian markets.

Konjac foods- well known as Shirataki Noodles, have its essential health benefits:

* It is naturally water soluble fiber with no fat, sugar, or protein.
* Contains zero net carbohydrates and zero calories.
* It is wheat and Gluten free, Pure Vegetable. It is transluscent and gelatinious with no flavor on it's own and it absorb easily the dominant flavors of any soup or flavorings you can put together
* Scientist have shown that soluble fibers such as konjac glucomannan may slow insulin response
and the rise in blood glucose levels after a meal as well as reduced blood cholesterol. It also helps diabetic patients lose weight and improve the health of their colons.

Just spreading the word specially to those of you who like to eat pasta just like me, and specially for those who are on a strict low carbs-diet and has been avoiding noodles due to its high carbs content. This is definitely the best way to enjoy your noodles once again without depriving yourself, and worrying the after effect...LOL!!! So check it out! Here's the link to Amazon just by clicking the miracle noodle picture..Cheers!!

Miracle Noodle Shirataki Fettuccini, 7-Ounce Packages (Pack of 6)Miracle Noodle Shirataki Rice, 8-Ounce Packages (Pack of 6)

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  1. Sounds really great! Also guilt free!

  2. Yes indeed! finally something to eat in our hearts content.

  3. Wow! So glad to be able to stumble upon this article since, it's keeping me from eating any type of noodles because of it's carb-contents. Thanks for posting!