Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Launching Of The New Generation Smart iPhone

battery which can boost 10 percent in overall life of the iphone 5 compared to the iphone 4. And of course, apple is about innovation, that will push for a sleek, slimmer design. With a feature called Newstand, a reminder apps. and the launching of its iCloud service that will sync various devices via the Cloud.As rumor continues to circulate iphone 5 that would soon launch head to head against premium google android devices such as Samsung Galaxy S11. I just have to say, as an Apple fan,I am delighted to say Apple remains to dominate when it comes to the overall conversation about smart phones. But on the other hand, I must also say, Google android has eaten up portion of the market for the past years. As rumors circulated between improved and cheaper hardware mid range device, Apple seemed to intensify the competition with Google android. With all these said on iphone's launch date,  it still remains to be seen whether all this will in fact take place. eahttp://isocial.infusionsoft.com/affiliate

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